Tuesday, December 21, 2010

More Photos From The Party.

These are actually photos that Scott Alvarez took. He's got a nice camera and takes nice photos. Ross and Kustom Jeff, I will share your photos later on too.

This photo was taken before a shit load of people showed up. This might be the first photo that you guys have seen of my new bike. Aw shit! Spenser, bring your camera to the shop sometime this week and shoot some choppy photos of this lady. It looks like I'm wearing lipstick.

FourLoko man. Kyle fucked The Weed Steed for a while. And of course we are all creeps and took photos of the creep.

We built a ramp inside the shop and it got used all night. I rocked that gay pride flag on the Ride For Lightning, It looks badass all tattered up and shit.

Shit Falcon painted my bike and The Weed Steed and hand delivered the tins to us before the party. Therefore, he absolutely insisted that we assemble Duane's bike into a roller. We were already drunk and there were about to be a shitload of people there to bump into it and whatnot. Taichi gave Duane a hand.

Alvarez painted this for us. Dude, this painting absolutely rules.

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  1. i had to see that bike ...matt and dale are the only people i get to work on bikes with. so it was good to get to get that to roller with u fools