Thursday, December 16, 2010

Classic Random Shit.

Weed Steeding it. Brunson shot this photo of me at the shop when we were out putting some miles on one day. Look for this bike real soon with a complete makeover.

There was something going on at the skate shop this day, so we rolled down there and started drinking beer. Later on that night Duane and Chauncey got their shirts. We also ended up getting kicked out of the bar because shit got a little wild after the hainting had happened. It's still uneasy for us at that particular bar.

Pickett debating on drinking it. Me, Brandon, and Pickett, cruised around all day going to weirdo antique shops and shit. That was a fun day of dicking off and feeling like you accomplished a ton.

Brunson and Mosley getting their shirts. No, it doesn't happen in pairs, it's just a coincidence. Arclight played right after this and a fun time was had by all.

The first Big Mountain Run. There are huge trout in the Hiawasee river and they are amazing cooked over a campfire. After we devoured this one, dude's started eating the eyeballs and spine and shit. They regretted that later.

This was either Joe's birthday party or our New Years Day thing. Either way, it was at Joe's house and it was the only time I ever heard Joe use the N word. Minor Threat caused a few drunk Haints to turn Joe's kitchen into a thrash pit. It was just like being at a punk show! We had to clean it up.


  1. i took that weed steed photo you jerk. thats an amazing photograph that may be used in a magazine so i need my credit!

  2. I think it was taken with my camera too..........