Thursday, October 29, 2009

the story

Well last night I was leaving Larry’s shop and went over to a friend’s house who lives in Hoover which is the worst place to ride a bike that has lots of violations on it. So of course I decide to go this route. Well this time they got me, so i pull in to a gas station where I got to spend the next 30 + minutes while the cop tried to find any and all dirt he could. the first list went like this,Bars to high (Lets get a measuring tape to see how tall), License plate not readable, No insurance card, made a few comment on a few other things, asked questions about the bike, looked at vin #’s, looked at my helmet to see if it was ok, than ran my license which is when he came back with the fact that I do not have a motorcycle license, now this is were I make out some story about being grandfathered in and did not need one and so on. Well it was my lucky day cause he spent 10 to 15 min and call on a few more cops to come by to try and figure out the actual date that I would have to be born on for this to be true, but could not so my sorry ass did not have to get a free ride in his car and my bike did not end up in the impound lot YEA! Anyhow I do not think I will be riding threw again any time soon .

Ow and I only came out of it all with just one ticket for the bars which he had no idea what it would cost due to the fact that they don’t really issue a lot of these if any ( I may have the first on for Hoover)

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  1. Actually, if you were grandfathered in you would still have the "M" classification on your license. Next time you are in trouble in hoover call a brother and we'll take care of you.