Saturday, October 24, 2009

I'm Back Fools.

Sorry for the hiatus, I just got the internet wizard guru to my house to fix my shit. Anyways here's some random photos from some recent happenings.

Larry's daily rider.

Poor buddy Duane has been hospitalized for the past few weeks, so we figured we would make some changes to his scoot while he recovers.

18 rear 21 front and Spenser's old gas tank did the job.


Mike always promotes safety first.

Ape Knuckles ready to race.

Ok. Charlie the Nomad and fire. Right after this photo was taken, he pours gas onto the fire and accidently lit himself on fire. Pants went ablaze. Good thing the stop drop and roll technique works. My heart is still pounding. Gnarly.

Joe cuttin' a rug.


  1. Sorry I missed out on Friday night but I worked a 16 hour day and just went home and crashed. Looks like you guys ruled it as usual - scooters, booze, and bros on fire. I'm starting to see a pattern with this fire shit. Radness!

  2. Good times fellas! You guys MISSED the big show, everyone MUST go to the Prison Rodeo next year! It was the weirdest,coolest.craziest.most exciting thing I've ever witnessed