Monday, October 12, 2009

The Barber Vintage Festival

This year was the shit. It rained pretty much the whole time and we still managed to make the most of it. I got to see old friends and make plenty of new friends. Tyler and Kyle from LowBrow Customs are some of the most genuine dudes I have ever met. Support that shit. The Orlando crew rode up here as well. Tuff mother fuckers. There were lots of cool bikes and great partying. I can't wait until next year. Photos.


Gator tips.


Mike and and Trump choppy.

This is my favorite model motorcycle ever created.

Pans on yo head.

K model racist or racer.

This guy was set up across from us. He looks like a Sorcerer and he was really cool.

I got a new gas tank.

Blue Knuck.

Foe Five nigga.

This might be the best picture of Chauncy ever taken. It sums him up perfectly.

Due to the rain, we turned the trailer into a party.

Too many people for the trailer.

This is why we get so fucked up that we don't remember our names. Moonshine. Thanks Mike.


Charlie the Nomad taming his steed.

Tyler and Kyle showed up and it was on. Mini bikes and mud.

Trailer trash.

Honkey Tonk.

This guy was pretty cool. He has a great critter face and he ended up feeding us, and later on in the night he tried to get Chauncy to smoke meth with him.

Joe. No shirt. Too much to drink.

Poop. Its still a mystery where it came from.

Brush dem teeths.

This guy was dressed awesomely and rode a Ruckus.

Spenser taking Duane's new bike for a spin.

Our buddy Aaron scored a honda chop.

Duane came up the best out of anyone at the whole swap meet. Real deal dirt track racer. 1969 I do believe. It has hot cams so it will do wheelies and it is the loudest Triumph I have ever heard.


Chris wears that shirt and he can get in anywhere. Here he is pictured inside the Wall Of Death.

Flounder made it. Stoked.

Party time in front of our booth.

I'm glad Shane made it all the way from the Hate Factory. Rad dude.

Bad Tattoos.

Critter finger.


Chauncy excited about going for a ride.

Sailor Jerry's Rum.

I'm really glad John the painter from Wheels Through Time made it down. Here are his release papers.


I love Knuckleheads and I don't have one. One day my dreams will come true. Anyways, here I am playing on a 42. Stoked.

Until next year!


  1. i can't decide who has better teeth... the gator tips or flounder.

  2. I woulda been there were I not on my period.

  3. Yes, you definitely missed a great time.

  4. you should have been there Period i mean we can always be the only ones giving Tubbs a hard time

  5. Just got home.
    1400 miles is a long ass trip.
    You guys rock.
    Party hard and die.
    Quit showing people your assholes.
    See ya in the Spring.

  6. Glad you fuckers made it up. We will unite again.

  7. Finally made it onto the Haints blog. Life Complete.


  8. Sorry I missed you guys, but my wife would've killed me had I packed my shit the day after we had a kid. I was in the hospital watching the Dawgs get the shit kicked out of them while ya'll were partying. I'll head that way soon.

  9. Magical things happen when you sport the Green and White. The worst thing is when the old critter mamma's pull out the beaver tails with rasins on them though.

  10. I just threw up in my mouth. Thanks Beaner.

  11. Well, I never said GOOD things, mostly majical shit y'all talk about later like, " I can't fucking believe that 85 year old cougar sucked you off dude?!?" or "You see her? The one with the big titties? Yeah, the ones that hang to her belly... I used those fuckers for ear warmers."

  12. That's only if youre a socially inept fucknozzle though. If you can at least butter a chick up with promises of Crank... wait what kind of women? Hot one's require at least a little effort and you have to clean yourself up a little and show some class but who needs all that.