Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A View From The Road.

Labor Day weekend was pretty cool. Instead of sitting around the house cooking out and watching football, or whatever the average person does on Labor Day, we got on the bikes and hit the woods. We left Birmingham and went to north Alabama, and eventually came home from the east. We never left the state, but we didn't need to. We have plenty of badass nature shit here.

J Body wanted to give his new bike its first real miles, so he let Shane take his Sportster.

We have amazing highways here that run through farmland then jump right into rolling hills.

The road to the first campsite was pretty much a 4 mile long dirt bike trail. More bikes got dumped than didn't.

High as a kite.

A road on the map that heads southeast and is maybe the best in existence? Let me introduce to you Highway 9.

Shane's son, Damian, practicing Duane's trick.

This is really nice ground.

A long day on the road.

Just like the Indians used to. Meeks had to work, but he met up with us the second day and became the hero when we found out that they didn't sell alcohol where we were.

It rained on the way home.

A must do again soon.

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