Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Ramble Tamble: The Journey.

Once again, thanks to our hosts the Snodgrass brothers for a great party. Thanks Brad, for being our Louisville tour guide. It was amazing seeing almost all of our midwestern friends. I didn't take a whole lot of party photos, or riding photos, or swimming hole photos, or skatepark photos, or Black Sabbath photos because I was busy partaking in the fun. Here's what I got. Enjoy.

This is a dessert called a 'Butter Roll' that they serve at an amazing buffet in smalltown Tennessee. Those that know, know what's up.

This is a stunt.

Kentucky has no helmet law. This is crazy to us because almost every one of our surrounding states requires them.


A stripped ratchet gear on a kick only, high compression Ironhead is no bueno.

Mother fuckin' Ivan.

Mother fuckin' Eugene.

Cody's Panhead rules and I showed Dustin a cool trick you can do with spit and an upswept exhaust.

All tuff guys. Jerimiah is wearing eye shadow.

This was the last photo I took before the camera went away and the party started. Sorry.

This is how Meeks was found the next morning. He doesn't remember anything.

Due to what I think may be a fried coil, I was able to limp my bike until our day was official done.

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