Friday, May 11, 2012

Rambla Tambla's

Here are some(a lot) more photos from the Ramble Tamble which was a fucking blast!  Unfortunately my camera was left behind in the torrential downpour for a split second on Friday night and was not used on some of the adventures on the following days due to it fucking up; and yes I waited for it to dry out, disassembled, before I turned it on again and it still isn't acting right; well it deserves more respect.
     So day 1 consisted of beautiful weather riding, gas stops, oil stops, filled to the brim food stops, professional stunts, ratchet gear fuck ups,  brake fuck ups, more riding and arriving before the sun went down, which was very nice.     *excuse the smudge on the lens.

Lots  of small towns with red lights were shitty.

Show goes on

Duane used to a stunt man in the theatre

This young lady told Ape Knuckles his brakes were about to malfunction...
 He didn't listen.

 and we're off again. Good times rolled.

 Ratchet gear fun.
 We arrive and begin making friends.
I'll post the rest in the near future. It was hard narrowing down from the 680 photos taken. I'll soon start a flikr for all extras.

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