Friday, February 10, 2012


Tomorrow I am selling what is left of my vinyl collection at Bottletree. I've sold close to 2/3rds of it already but there is still some really really good shit left (in fact there is a bunch of stuff I thought would sell really quickly but no one else seemed interested in). I've got over 150 7"s and over 150 12"s of pure musical greatness. It's mostly 90's punk, hardcore, emo, metal, grind and crust. I bought my first piece of vinyl in 1990 and didn't stop until a few years ago. I've also got a big box of tapes that are getting sold as well. Anyway...If you happen to be in the Birmingham area tomorrow come by The Bottletree from 10am-6pm and buy some cool shit from me. I'm gonna start drinking screwdrivers at 9am so catching a bargain will probably be pretty easy by the end of the day.

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