Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Milwaukee fucking ruled it. Period. I want to spend a whole summer there and sleep in between Warren and Stacy like a little kid. We got to the city early enough to meet Warren at his awesome shop and get a good tour of stuff. Like Competition Cycles. If you are ever in Wisconsin, that shop needs to be seen. We then went and met up Cody, Dusty, and the rest of the Valley Boys at their new commune of an old blacksmith shop. These dudes rule it and know how to treat guests for sure. It was Cody's birthday and we celebrated with booze and dance battles. The main man Kid Kurpius got into town and it was off to the critter ass strip club. You can pay strippers in Milwaukee to spit in Warren's face. I got caught taking pictures and the bouncer got a face full of backwards peeing photos when he confiscated my phone. We also found out that you can get kicked out of bars really easy by jumping up and running across to actual bar. I love that town. Thanks guys.