Thursday, February 23, 2012

This may be my favorite bike ever......

Forget choppys. It's all about the Bobbys. Or Roberts as I like to call them. I took this picture a few years back and I literally studied this beauty for 20 minutes before moving onto the next bike. Then I would come back. This knucklehead resides at the National Motorcycle Museum in Iowa and it was discovered tucked away in "as is" state. How you see it is how they found it. A true dream for me. I have this photo saved on my desktop and I regularly pull it up and stare. Think about the bad mother fucker that used to cruise around on this machine. I wonder where the rest of the club's bikes could be.............


  1. Looks like Elm Grove is in WI.
    I'd start there.

  2. you guys should swing up to Ioway sometime this summer!