Monday, February 7, 2011

Vtwin Brodown Photos.

Another fun year in Cincinatti to say the least. Our Lowbrow and Biltwell brothers showed us an amazing time and they did a perfect job with the party. It got out of control at some points, which means it was awesome.

Critter Face.

This was the first night and this random chick just started eating a found slice of pizza and it was gross.

Oh yeah, Darren from Jersey was feeding it to her.

Dance party commence.

$5 dollar cover.

Magoo, have you been tanning?

It's like a dick, but smaller.

Damn Bandits!!!!!!!

We stayed at the Hilton and all we got was this damn shower cap.

There were tons of these porn looking girls around at the expo. This one's boobs kept falling out.

Some of the collection from the National Motorcycle Museum.

This thing is seriously so badass. A real bobber. Found in a barn in Iowa in its current state. Piston Splitters MC. I believe it's a '41.

On this episode of American Chopper. Fuck yeah we rub elbows with the superstars. He was actually not that nice.

Poop in a shoe.

Wizard shit.

Those porn chicks were also signing tons of autographs. We got a collection on Duane's gut. He even got the cleaning lady's signature.

The Brodown was awesome. Dance party number 2.

And this band. Dandelion Death. I wonder if we can get them to play at the DicE party? Thanks for the shout out!


  1. You should've grabbed Paulie Jr's ass and made gay passes at him to see what he'd do.

  2. i wonder what the final count of that guys truck getting peed on was.

  3. I'm a little jealous that I wasn't there to help Darren feed that bitch that greasy slice of pie myself and Dandelion Death..I think I'm gonna need therapy after that show!!!!

  4. That's the shit that makes life worth living.

  5. Dang. Sorry I missed that one. See you guys at the Dice party.

  6. Hey Nick, It was a blast hanging out with you and the rest of the Haints. Just fyi we're not part of the Blood Falcons. We are The Damn Bandits though.


  7. Haha, yeah, what he said.

    I forgot to look at Paul Jr's truck on sunday to see all of the piss stains. I saw 3 people pee on it with my own eyes!

  8. Fuck dudes sorry! I heard Detriot at one point and assumed...... Fuck we drank a whole lot.

  9. Wish I was able to make it and hang out with you fools. Next year.

  10. You guys helped make the party!

  11. Pigpen, are you guy's from these parts too? I noticed the motor fuckin' city shirt.

  12. Yeah Motoguru we are from the Ann Arbor, Yspi, Salem area. I work in Detroit though.