Monday, February 21, 2011

Nice weather randoms.

Ok, I'm pretty sure it's awesome weather again here in Alabama. You know that feeling of getting a lot done by not really doing anything? Just get on your bike and see your friends? I love that shit.

Cruised over to the skate shop and people were hanging out. This is the area that the DicE Party will be held at.

Typical Birmingham. We were just sitting in front of the shop talking about dicks or whatever, when this army of well-stocked, yuppie/hipster chicks just take over the street. All of the random shit that happens here is just one more reason to love this city.

Chauncey. I went with them to the slab spot to shred shit.

Rollerblader doing a backflip. This photo looks so stupid. It makes me laugh every time.

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