Friday, February 22, 2013

I'm Blaming Instagram.

Not for taking actual traveling and handshakes out of the equation of linking up and meeting people in person (I do blame it for that too), but my lack of posting personal photos of what myself and the rest of the crew have been doing is what I'm blaming today. Maybe blogs will make a comeback and I'll have interesting shit to read again, maybe.  We got 99 problems and Instagram ain't one. Except for those damn selfies. They are a problem. An entertaining "we are laughing at you not with you" type of problem. Here's some telephone photos.

Bowles catching air on his minivan.

We were watching old skate footage and took a screen shot of Ape Knuckles pissed.

That nigga Kerry came through with a good koozie. My next tattoo is a Monster M logo.


Ryan bought a tattoo gun and we upgraded from stick and pokes. That means there are a lot more shitty tattoos that don't look as tuff.

I brought my panhead home and the shed is getting crowded.

This was a booth at a car show set up for little kids can shoot Nerf guns at storm troopers. Then there was this guy.

We have been getting windows of rideable weather.

Making pogo sticks out of motorcycle parts.



Chopper shit.

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