Friday, January 11, 2013

He Be Legend.

I actually got the idea for this post from a comment Dustin left on a previous post. He asked who "the ginger dude" was in one of the photos. Well that beautiful ginger is the Notorious Nasty Nick. Arguably a distant relative of the great Peter Fonda, Nasty Nick is a force to be reckoned with. He got his Haints shirt shortly after Me, Duane, and Chauncey got ours. He rode a bike around for a while with Road Wizard scribed on the fender. The originator of the word "choppy". He first used the term while we were sitting around a campfire at the 2nd BMR, discussing future Harley models with our new friend at the time, Warren Jr. He hates social media. Actually, he started a Live Journal years ago so that he could act gay and get a rise out of people. Avid bow hunter and fisherman for all you Nugent fans. The first time I ever went to his house, I knew I was in the right place when I saw a white donkey with a blue smiley face spray painted on its side. The donkeys were there so he didn't have to cut his grass. He would probably die for his friends. He beats the shit out of people. I've seen him get maced more times than any human should. He can make anyone laugh and gives zero fucks about what anyone else thinks about him. Total ruler.


  1. "the donkeys were there so he didn't have to cut his grass..."

    That's all I need to know, dude's alright.

  2. Hahaha! YES! I remember when I met you guys on our drive from Doug's to Bravetown you guys were going off about him! All the best stories! That's who I thought that was! How come he doesn't hang out? Isn't there a great picture of him "tucking" and sitting on a bike? And wasn't there stories of him pissing in his own mouth like a drinking fountain? Haha fuck. Bring him to Hood Bush!

  3. love that Jimmy Saville has made it over to you! dirty perv the world over.... Did Jimmy fix it for any of the Haints as kids?

    Its ok - just show us on the teddy bear where he touched you.....