Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Bad As Fuck.

Danny Lyon's photos. For those of you who live on the Moon, Danny Lyon is known in the motorcycle world for the photography that he took, much of which was with the Outlaws. There are two amazing picture books filled with his photos: The Bikeriders and Portraits of American Bikers. If you don't own them or haven't seen them, do yourself a favor. I sit and stare for hours at these photo sets and always notice new details, whether it be some wacky badass riser setup or snakeskin sewn onto a vest. The panhead crossing the bridge is one of the tuffest, raddest photos of all time in my opinion. Laci actually found some gallery in New York that had an original print for sale that she was going to buy for me when we got married. I think the price tag was in the range of a real panhead.

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  1. dude, the stories in the Bikeriders are sick as shit too.

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