Wednesday, December 12, 2012


J Body and I made the pilgrimage to Bravetown this weekend for their last party at that spot. We had an amazing time. Shit got out of hand as always, but way too much going on to try to explain. I'll post more photos later of hanging loose in Chicago, but for now here are photos pertaining to the party. Booze, friends, dirty swamp donkey river pigged strippers........... 

This is Dustin and this is how you smoke weed out of a carrot.

This is Brandon and this is how you make smoking a cigar look like a dad sucking a dick.

These two. We were convinced that we accidentally ate weed cookies.

Boss Hosses.

Bad ass tattoo.

This is probably about as mellow as it got.

Monkey on my back.

Brian's hog.

The strippers's hog.


  1. i look high as hell and emily looks like the kid from powder, good photo.

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