Monday, August 13, 2012

Saturday Pimpin'.

Saturday turned out to be pretty awesome. We went to the High Five Fest and it was better than it could have been. The bands killed it, lots of bikes, and I haven't been that hammered in a long time. A few guys showed up from out of town too, which is rad due to it pretty much just being a local shindig. Our buddy Shaun rode his panhead up from way down south, got a flat tire about an hour away, and hitched a ride to the Dojo from a Juggalo couple. No shit. Shaun said that they were eating beef jerky and chugging Monster the whole trip to Birmingham. That was really nice of them. Nathan also showed up on his dreamy knucklehead. He rides that bike everywhere. Enough babbling. Here's a few photos.

The Weed Steed is back to life. Duane is trying to buy a house in civilization where the rest of us live, so it's officially for sale. If you are interested, let any of us know.

Shaun's bitchin' panhead getting it's inner tube changed. I've never had a tire blow up in my face before then. That shit sucks. Think about every scene in any war movie where something blows up and everything is quiet and ringing amongst chaos. That's exactly what it's like. Shaun, you're welcome at the Dojo any time.

Nathan and his bad mother fucker. It's always good to see this hombre. He is one of those dudes that will surprise you and show up at whatever you throw at him. He's ridden that knucklehead more miles than the majority of folks ride new bikes.

Sup. Ape Knuckles is really good at posing and peeing backwards.

Kustom Jeff and his kustom kamera. It's always fun to shoot the shit with this guy.

I didn't take any photos after the sun went down, but it got pretty chaotic. Everyone made it back safely, so I guess that's all that matters. I hope that the Bottletree continues to do this show.

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  1. I had a great time hanging out. It was all good in the hood! Especially when you're buying me a beer.