Thursday, August 2, 2012

Birthday's all around!!!

So this week was not only good ol' Chaw Chaw's birthday, but it was Mosley's too.  Mosley has been one of my best friends since I was 19.  That dude has seen me through or been a part of some of the most incredible times of my life, as well as been there to help me through some of the absolute worst times I can remember.  We have been in bands together, toured the U.S. and Canada several times over, seen our respective marriages and relationships break up and/or flourish, fought together, rode our motorcycles all over the southeast together, we got our Haints shirts on the same night (December 3, 2009), and even bought houses on the same street.  I honestly love this dude like a brother and if you are lucky enough to know him you're a better person for it.  Anyway, here is to Mosley.  Happy birthday buddy, you're getting to be an old man but we still love ya.


  1. Celebration!? We should do it.

  2. Oh man these pictures are to great .. Happy Birthday Chris

  3. That bicycle picture rules!