Monday, January 2, 2012

New Years.

Was intense. None of us have had to work yet, so the majority of the time has been spent at the Dojo. The weather has been weirdly in the mid 60's until today. Check it son.

Ride as much as you can this time of the year.

Ain't skeered.

Pee backwards in traffic.

Ryan broke himself and the bobby robert.

Just monkeying around.


We even got some work done.


Then the shop caught on fire.

Meeks was a hero, but ended up get caught on fire himself. After the hospital shot him up with morphine, he came back and made sure to drink plenty of fluids.

His burns were not too bad. Sike.

Bummed, but back to work.

This guy was tough to deal with this weekend. Chris, your moonshine is gone.

Duane's choppy upgrade.

Oh, and Kyle moved in.

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