Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Birthday of Nick Brunson.

My friends are better than yours. Haha, not purposely being a dick, but they are. We just know how to have more fun than anyone else. Also not trying to come off too cocky, but ask anyone that knows us. We just know how to have fun. Period. It all comes from where we are from and how we grew up, whether it be from going to shows or riding a skateboard until we exhausted ourselves. A certain person or two may hate on what we do (love each other) or what we have ( The Dojo), but I just feel sorry for those people. They will never know what true friendship is and they will never know what it means to truly call someone your brother. What we do is not to be trendy or try to impress anyone. Each and every one of us has been doing the kind of dumb shit that we do since we were 12 years old. The only difference now is that motorcycles are involved. Seriously, that all that has changed. From throwing bowling balls off of downtown parking decks, to being in massive brawls and hitting a fool with a frying pan. We still are the same dumb fucks that we have always been. That's why when Brunson's birthday came around, we made it everything we could. His wife called me a couple weeks ago and we decided to put together a surprise party for him. There was no better place to do it then at The Dojo.

Hand made presents from Ape Knuckles and Kyle.


Pee Wee's Big Adventure. Tequila.

Choad Bros. That's actually a little uncomfortable. Sorry.

Our fire pit never goes out.

Beer Bandit.

Hell yeah. Food son.

Brunson being Brunson. Making presents for other people on his birthday. Brandon needs to fit in while in Japan.

You can find these dudes at any Walmart.

Wieners and vices.

Fuggin' nerds.

Big Dan keeps it real son.

Party dog.

Group hugs. We be fags bro, but in a cool way.

It was hard as fuck to keep these guys quiet in the garage while Brunson walked up.

The birthday boy.

The birthday boy, the birthday wife, and the birthday unborn baby. It might have been Christian Slater's birthday too.

Chauncey HATES hugs. Hug him when you see him.

Clark W. Griswold singing Holiday road.

Brian snuck up behind Kyle and tried to pull his pants down. He ripped the backside off of his pants instead. Buy American made pants next time dummy.

Heavy metal sessions.

No girls allowed on the pirate ship. Here's your own section.

The Dojo is fucking filthy right now. Not looking forward to cleaning it. It was worth it.