Sunday, July 17, 2011

I Love My Friends.

The term Haint gets used and abused regularly. Being a Haint goes way beyond just randomly handing out shirts and having a motorcycle. Actually, having a motorcycle is about the smallest part of it. It is more about being on the same wavelength with each other. The true mother fuckers always have each others back no matter what and will always be there for each other no matter the issue. The Haints shirt was just a simple way to name what we are about. I would take a bullet or a knife for anyone of the Haints and the guys that I truly consider brothers would do the exact same for me.
A few of the dudes took me to New Orleans this weekend for my bachelor party since I am getting married this coming up weekend. Mosley stepped up and really hooked it up getting train tickets and hotel rooms. Oh yeah, we took an Amtrack there so we could start partying immediately. Everyone hooked it up. I didn't pay for a single drink the whole time I was there. I didn't sleep either. I lost a shitload of money at the casino though. I am starting to believe that I am the Clark W. Griswold of gambling. It was such an awesome time and I am still drunk while typing this I think. I truly love my friends.

We made it to the train on time which I didn't think was going to happen.

We saw these characters outside of the Amtrack station smoking weeds and drinking beer before they boarded.

And what do you know, we ended up in the same car as them! We just walked into the Jones Family Reunion.

It was a little awkward at first.

After some small talk and weed references, they definitely liked our style and welcomed us into their world for the next few hours.

This guy apparently stays in the same area as us. He also knows how to have fun.

This guy kept calling the conductor a pilot. " Ey mayne, go tell that pilot to honk the horn when we passin' through Winona."

It was a loud ass drunken dance train the whole way to NOLA.

Gangster ass face. He kept getting us to walk through the other cars with him and purposely bump into people.

The shit that was going on in there was unreal.

Haha, this picture is awesome. Check out those hands above Me and Mosley's heads. Fuckin' Bigfoot sitting behind us.

The train also had wrestling matches with Pickett coming over the top rope.

Dance machine.

Ok, about this time we are 30 beers and a half bottle of whiskey in. Check the look of destruction on Pickett's face. That will come into play later on when we started ripping panels of of the walls.

Body surfing.

Apparently, the whole train is held together with velcro. We just started ripping shit apart.

Mosley catching some Z's. This is a prime example of the situation in our car with the Jones family.

Jacob started up a crip walk contest.

" Come on yall, let's go get da pilot."

Dump em out.

Crossing into Louisiana.

This dude finished off the bottle for us.

When we finally arrived in New Orleans, Chauncey, Brandon, and Ape Knuckles were waiting for us at the station. They waited too long to buy tickets, so they ended up having to drive.

Mosley found a swank ass hotel in a perfect location. Brandon concurs.

First things first. Get more beer, then food.

Urkel got dance moves.

Many bongs for sale.

This chick tried to get up in a picture with our sketchy asses. Her man was definitely not having it.

Duane might be the only one that finds this picture hilarious for reasons other than what you see here. Chauncey found Jello syringes.


Period blood. Gross.

I think I smacked the bottom of the syringe right when Chauncey was taking it, sending alcoholic Jello flying onto his face.

Come Brandon, you have to do one.

Probably the absolute worst thing for us to find sitting on the sidewalk. Out of date pickled pigs lips. Right after I took this photo, I slapped that jar out of Chauncey's hand and it exploded rotten juice and vag lips all over Jacob. He was too bummed.

Chauncey and Ape Knuckles decided to play with a few of them. The whole street smelled like salt and vinegar chips.

The worlds dopest pony tail.

We went to the casino because we don't have any in Birmingham. Like I said, I suck at gambling, but Ape Knuckles is really good at it. $650 right out the gate.

Someone just needed parts I guess.

Trying to dump it out.


Even lamer. JD hanging from the ceiling inside of the Harley clothes store.

Fruity Leprechan.

Heated discussions.

Ape Knuckles and a silver man.

We went back to the casino and Ape Knuckles immediately started winning money again. Those chips are crazy looking.

Round 2.

When Ape Knuckles has money, he always spends it on his friends. Here he is letting us each pick out hand rolled cigars at a Cuban shop.

Chauncey and his old twin.

Ape Knuckles also made sure to buy us all every shitty touristy drink he saw.

Chauncey living it.

All in all it was a great time. Thanks for making it happen guys. I love you all.


  1. Fuckin awesome. You are blessed, my friend! Hope the bachelorette party is a little more sedate!

  2. That's how a bachelor party SHOULD be. Out of town and Outta sight!

  3. Dead on buddy. We love you man.

  4. Oh yeah, the best line of the trip has to go to Apeknuckles for asking the stripper girl in a g-string and corset that sat down next to him, "So do you work here?"

  5. I wish i coulda hung out with you monkeys.