Saturday, April 23, 2011

The new Haints shirts are a go!

Holy shit dudes! I'm super stoked on these. As most of you know, we don't have tons of different shirts, parts, etc. for sale. Rarely we have a limited number of a shirt. Like the crab face graphic that Shane drew for us that we ran out of at RFL. And koozies. That's it. So, our brothers from different mothers, Tyler and Kyle from Lowbrow Customs, hooked it up big time. I have always dug the Lowbrow shirts and they are now making ours. If you feel the desire to look cooler than your friends by wearing a bitchin' Haints shirt, well then you can get one directly from Lowbrow. I will also have a small number for you guys at the Dixie Roundup. I have a link off to the side and you can go here!

1 comment:

  1. Any chance this shirt will be available again? Lowbrow doesn`t make it anymore...