Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Hang out with your friends.

This past Sunday was probably the best weather we have had so far this year. Short sleeve weather. It was a highly productive day of not doing shit. We all decided to get together on the bikes and end up at a cool bar. We probably only rode 20 miles total, but just hopping from spot to spot in the city was plenty fun. Fuck a bike night. Have a bike day. Do it in your town, get all of your friends together and just ride or hang out or both with your bikes. We called ours Haints day.

In our typical fashion, everyone showed up over an hour after we had planned to meet up.

Mosley's Triumph is currently in a rebuilding stage, so my Sportster was gladly willing to tote him around.

Taking behind the back photos is different on my Shovelhead due to a six foot tall sissy bar.

I wish that I would have gotten a photo from the back of the pack. We had a pretty impressive amount of dudes with us.


We stopped off at this bar called the Bottletree for a few beers and some food. Scooter Matt joined us at this point on his newly finished hot rod Vespa. Brunson gets his beard inspected.

Fuck riding some more, after fucking around on a bridge that crosses the city, we decided to go to another bar. Parkside.

Parkside is an awesome bar in a slightly critter section of the city. Across from the bar is a park. The park has a pond that is no bigger than what you see in this here photo. After seeing what appeared to be some guy paddling a truck bed liner across the pond, we see this boat with the name "Miss Charlotte" across the back, drifting across the pond without a captain. I love Birmingham.

Empty streets.

After all that noise and some minor issues with Batteries Plus, we ended up back at Mosley's where he grilled out and had beer waiting for us. Seriously, start doing this type of shit with your friends regularly if you don't already do. It puts you in a better mood for the rest of the week.

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