Sunday, July 18, 2010

Saturday Cruisin'

So Saturday one of the local Harley dealerships here had a bike show that was advertised on the radio, which gave us a good excuse to get on the bikes and snag a few photos of real life Wild Hogs. To my surprise there were actually some cool bikes there and even though there were some leather warriors walking through the crowd, it wasn't as gay as I thought.

The guy that owns the dealership has his personal collection displayed on a ledge over looking the store. It's really a shame that none of these bikes ever get to roar to life.

Check this Knucklehead out. It's pretty stupid, but someone put some work into it. If you look closely, you can see that the front half of the frame is a real Harley wishbone with almost every mount still on it. The back half had been hacked off in turned into a soft tail. Good job. I guess my jealously gets to me, but I have always dreamed of owning a Knucklehead and it eats at me seeing this type of shit. Just sitting there, begging to do wheelies.

This was entered in the bike show. I think the frame is a 21 and the motor is a 25.

Some random dude from some small town south of us owns it. It's really cool to me that there is shit like this out there in small towns with people doing it themselves.

After we left the show, we chased the rain off and on for a while. Then Spenser and I met up with Joe at a bar and eventually ended up at our buddy Matthew's scooter shop. Got hammered and ended up at Mosley's pad where a good portion of the rest of the boys were hanging out. I love days like this where you have no set goal, just to be on your bike with your friends.

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  1. El Prez and I got caught by the rain at Grants Mill. Made a short stop at his folks house then blasted back when it let up. OF COURSE because I put on all my rain gear it was bright and sunny almost the whole way.