Monday, June 14, 2010

The Mojave Desert

Despite how pretty it is, it is comparable to hell on earth. It is nearly impossible to cross when the sun is out, and it trances you trying to cross it at night. We tried to conquer it yesterday during the day to no avail. Every gas stop we would soak all of our clothes in the sink and within 5 miles, they would completley dry. We crossed it at night and I almost fell asleep. Sketchy.


  1. No Sketchy!!!
    Be careful, last thing you want is that shiny Biltwell lid crammed up a buffalo's rectum.

    See ya soon, boys.

  2. Just saw Harlow and Eugene. They did the bag o ice on the handlebars trick. Sounds like it worked. Good luck. Miss u guys.

  3. yes on the bag of ice on bars but i bet out there it would only last for like 30 min