Thursday, June 3, 2010

Born Free Bound.

Saturday is the day we head west. Warren is meeting us somewhere is Arkansas or Kansas. I'm praying to the Chopper Gods that everyones journey is safe and everyones bike does well. I always get nervous along with my excitement before a long trip.


  1. I hate the nerves before a trip...

    Are you guys planning on heading to the Smoke Out?

  2. Larry is, but I doubt the rest of us will have time to go.

  3. The nerves before the trip is the BEST!!
    Making sure you got everything you might need.
    Planning a route.
    Looking for cool shit along the way.
    Fun, Fun...can't wait 'til the Fall.

    Be safe, brothers.

  4. I am jealous boys! Have fun and ride safe!

  5. You faggots will fit right in. In California. Good luck! I got 20 on kentucky. Haha