Wednesday, December 2, 2009

New Recruit

Meet Vlarg. He is our new idea fabricator transplanted from Norway. He worked for a small company there called Royal Goat Chops N Bobs. Amazing metal work both on and off the stage. When he is not busy trying to drive Christianity out of the country, he creates pieces like gas tanks out of real vintage medieval armor, and seats out of chain mail. Currently he is building a personal ride in the depths of our shop. Until that is done, he is taking a seat on the back of The Weed Steed.


  1. Yeh, that cat does some good work. I saw some of his shit on the Discovery Channel and it was rad. He's the one that built that Black Plague tribute bike.

  2. Heh, Rob Darken...
    Gotta love some of these black metal pics.