Monday, December 14, 2009


Friday night out at The GarCo was another night of total Bro-ness. I started choppin' on the Ol' Tijuanaville's frame for a hardtail conversion, and all the Bros. got in on the action.

The original frame with the swingarm was too boxy and modern looking. I've seen some rad bobbers that kept the swingarm (especially the shit comin' out of Japan) but the Hinckley built frame was made for function - not beauty.

After the first round of choppin'.

Low Ridin' - Dig it!


Larry and Stuey have been putting a lot of heart into this project. It's great to have Bros. that get as stoked over a chop as you are.

Phase One complete.
Thanks to everyone at GarCo Friday night. You all turned a wrench, or cut shit, or welded, or set shit on fire. It ruled. Also, special thanks to this cat Patrick- he came outa nowheresville and was a total Bro.. Radness and Brotherhood were achieved all around.

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