Sunday, November 8, 2009

The weather was perfect this whole weekend.

We got to ride motorcycles all weekend long due to 70 degree weather, so we rode up to a small town because we heard that there was a guy trying to open a shop that had some older HD shit.

We pulled up and it was pretty much the dude's house and a swap meet booth. A pretty ride up though.

65 sporty and a drag bike roller.

This is how the guy cuts his gravel lawn.

We rode back into town and headed out to the shop to drink some beers. Spenser had powdered his bars during the day.

We found an Ironhead for Tubbs at a good price. A new axle, chain, and hook up the rear wheel and the thing went down the road.

Getting shit done.

We migrated into town later on and continued to have fun.

Someone told me that I couldn't fill a balloon with pee. I proved that wrong then hung it from the ceiling.

A few of us found a moon walk too.

Went to a party full of hipsters that were pretty antisocial if they didn't know you. Of course we stuck out like sore thumbs.

Woke up Sunday morning hungover as fuck. Brunson got all of us out to take advantage of another day of good weather.

We ended up at a quarry that is rad to swim in when its hot out. A cool place to take advantage of high school girls.

Retired to Brunson's house to drink a few more. Fun weekend.


  1. Life is good.
    People at parties don't like Hitler salutes.