Monday, November 16, 2009

Another weekend on the bikes.

We were lucky enough to have another weekend of perfect riding weather, so we put a few miles on the bikes.

This is what it looks like to ride my chopper.

Pickett made it out.

Larry put a mag on the pan.

Brunson checking on us.

Gettin' it.

Right before new handlebars.

Chris got water in his gas.



  1. NIce.
    The weather has been fucking perfect here, too.
    Have fun boys.
    Jameson and I and the o.l.'s will be in ATL all Thanksgiving weekend. Ride over and buy me a soda, jerk.

  2. I'm actually headed to south Florida for Thanksgiving, but if I get back before you leave i'll head over.

  3. nick ,the weed stead is on violation tour blogspot . check it out

  4. Coming to FLA without first getting permission from HF. Not a good idea. There are rules, ya know? I guess since we will be in another state, no one will be here to enforce our standard operating laws. Feel free to roam our state in any manner you see fit. We will be back in Orlando Sunday, so if you are wearing you colors you had either better be on your way out of town or on your way to our shop for enlightening....bro.