Tuesday, April 28, 2015

He went that way....

Officer Bart Munch lost a high speed pursuit late Monday night whilst chasing a rioter in the Baltimore area. "Well, the last thing I remember was that it was 1968 during a time of civil unrest when I spotted a young man break a store front window, steal a case of Mickey's malt liquor, and yell something about equality or justice. I'm not sure, it's still a little hazy, but I do remember trying to think about how that relates with alcohol theft. I pursued the suspect until I reached the speed of 88mph, then I saw a flash of light and flames coming off of my tires. I opened my eyes and I was still at 88mph headed right for some thicket that I could have sworn was an abandoned lot seconds before. I looked around and noticed more rioters than before, carrying even more household items. I am now being told that the year is 2015."