Monday, March 18, 2013

There are no shows like these anymore.

Birmingham has a rich history when it comes to the punk, metal, hardcore, etc. scenes. Not talking shit on the new wave fad of bluegrassy and folk type music that the younger kids flock to now days, but that stuff can't even compare to the experience of going to these type of shows. This flyer is one of a bazillion that I would have gone to when I was a tiny dude. I would get my Mom to drop me off, or my friends would skate to the sketchier areas of town to see these bands play in the shittiest random places. The bands on this particular flyer are a combo that was insane. I looked up to most of these dudes and would get ultra stoked when one of them would say what's up to me, let alone remember my name. Now I ride choppers with members of all of these bands, most of which are also Haints. Pretty trippy if you think about it. I couldn't be more grateful for what we have.

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  1. i remember nail those guys were rad , they came up to chicago a few times