Friday, March 16, 2012

Firecracker Art.

Have you ever noticed the artwork on the packaging of firecrackers? That's what always made me buy a certain one when I was little, and come to think of it, it still does. "Fuck yeah, this one's called SHIT HAMMER". " Dude, this one is DONKEY LOGS." The art that goes into the packaging on these beasts are really badass if you ever just sit back and check them all out. Next time you decide to blow some shit up, shout a good old American fuck yeah for the artist that designed those Screamin' Mimi's or Whistlin' HooHa's.


  1. Cool ass shit.

    "Lay on ground, light fuse - get away."

    Sounds like my sex life.

  2. “None Better Than Mad Rat”……..Hell Yeah, ‘cause these bad mothafucka’s ain’t just firecrackers, they’re SUPERCHARGED firecrackers!

    I woke last night in a cold sweat, my sleep interrupted by horrific nightmares featuring pissed off Chinese rodents, stalking the streets with vicious eyes, oozing Red Death. Seeking its next hapless victim with hideous fangs dripping blood. For God’s sake, keep your children in the house.

    If Al Queda ever gets a hold of these, we’re fucked.

    You gotta’ figure Dixie Boy stole those watermelons.

  3. We used to able to enjoy the delights of fireworks . . . until the bloody government decided we couldn't be trusted to not blow each other to hell . . . now everyone gets to see them once a year attached to some gumby fuck public edifice on new year's eve in major capitals . . . enjoy them, you lucky, free bastards !!!

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