Monday, November 14, 2011

Bama Swap and Drag.

That was fun. It ruled especially for being the first year and considering that the Charlotte swap meet was going on too. Thanks Mike and Rick for putting up with us. We'll be back next year.

Early start.

Pickett's face.

A thing of beauty.

Make sure that it is set to 1985 and be sure to reach 88 mph.

Another thing of beauty. The guy that owned it fit the bill too. Affliction shirt, frosted hairs, designer jeans, mid forties.

Chopper boogie.


Lapdance Riders.


Speak the truth brother. I hate an AID.

Surf's up.


Chauncey did not like this. Therefore keep doing it.

This is at 4:00. Already about dark and cold. Lame.

Warm medicine.

Smoking weed out of a corn cob pipe. That guy ruled.

Dance off.

Violent Michael found that vest laying on the ground.

Shirts off.

Joe's mom said that he can't hang out with us any more because he always gets hurt when he does. This is where he broke his ankle.

That's what happened to my chair.

This critter wandered up out of the woods looking for a good time. She definitely had smoked a meth or two.

Guitar meltdown.

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