Friday, September 23, 2011

A couple weeks away.

I always look forward to this. The vintage festival is a shitload of fun every year. Unfortunately, us and a lot of our friends weren't able to get vendor booths in the swap meet this year due to them selling out in May. I decided that I was going to be responsible this year and snag our spot two months in advance, but no. I called and they were sold out at the end of July. That means one of two things: Either there will be a ton of vendors with old 2-wheeled gold, or all of those fucking vendors that sell ratchet straps and Chinese tools that belong at the flea market have completely taken over the swap area. I'm starting a riot if that's the case. On a positive note, our brother Warren Jr. is coming down from Wisconsin to race his bike this year.


  1. The rules say you must be selling vintage bike parts, they need to enforce this rule a little better.

  2. ill rape the booths and burn their women if i see any chinese tool peddlers