Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Born Free Report: People and Things.

I'll do another post with just bikes that everyone has already seen so far, so here's the people that we hung out with all weekend on our trek across the country to the greatest chopper show ever.

Nads found this rat on the way to BF3. He put it in his pocket and as far as I know, it is still there.

Dave's bike is unreal. Wait until I post that shit.


At one point I looked up on the stage and saw Wino. If you don't know who Wino is, then you should.

A couple of patches that caught my interest.

Ape Knuckles side project.

White pirates.

Japan. Taichi is pretty much an American now, but Yoshiki is a Japanese as they come. It was a real pleasure meeting and partying with some of the Vise crew.

Our yearly anniversary.

Teach loves knuckleheads.

This guy was looking for the gym all day. I hope he found it.

This goofball.

This guy kept staring at me, so i had to take his photo.

Nads all up in your shit.

Whoa buddy. To any one that hated or is going to hate on Born Free: You try and organize an event and get this many people to show up. For free. You were probably there anyways. This is just and overview of the show bike parking.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr. Zac Doom.

Kendal's bubble finger.

I wish I could have hung out with these dudes more.

Wil throws a BBQ after BF and Duane came prepared.

Oi. Piss off.

Grant is one of the mad men behind Born Free and his has an awesome shovelhead.

I caught Chris getting a picture taken with his wife, so I swooped in on that shit.

Warren playing with his belly button. Your hair is really turning into party hair. Don't cut it.

Jon, Hurricane Nads, Duane.

That night ended up getting nuts. My camera stayed in my pocket, but none of the photos would do any justice. Teach and I at about drunk-thirty.


  1. Dang sure does look like you crazy boys had a fun weekend! great pictures :)


  3. Nads...... mocksucker!

  4. Hey man, great meeting you and the Haints, To bad we couldnt be cool enough to hang with all the cool kids, LOL, next time my friend, next time. Jerimy Lordsofloud.