Tuesday, March 22, 2011

DicE Party and Bike Show Updates.

More good news. Since we are keeping everything free, we now have free beer for all of you folks attending the Birmingham DicE Party. We will buy a few kegs from the bar for your consumption, but when it's gone, you gotta buy from the bar. Not too bad eh?

As for the Dixie Roundup, everything is just about squared away with that. As you know, the bike show will be during the day at Garage Co. Customs, then the party will start at 7 pm downtown at the bar. The bike show itself will start at 12:00 and awards will be presented at 5:00. At 6 we will ride to the party. We are having a meeting this Saturday to discuss specific classes and what kind of fucked up trophies we can come up with.

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