Saturday, January 15, 2011


yesterday was Taichi's last day in Alabama. all of us are very saddened to see such a dear friend and truly genuine dude have to leave. Ever since Taichi showed up in Brandon's basement for the first time he has fit right in with each and every one of us, regardless of any sort of language barrier. His hospitality and kindness is unparalleled, and his quest for more and more motorcycle knowledge is like no one else's. No matter how frustrated he was, i never once saw the dude give up on anything. I speak for anyone who has met the guy when i say we are all proud to call you a true friend, good luck to you in the coming times brother! you will be greatly missed!

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  1. Taichi is a very cool dude and I WILL miss seeing him around the shop and giving him hell for his bike not being done.