Sunday, March 21, 2010

Garage Company Customs party.

Fucking awesome. Great turnout, fun times, debauchery, dicks, beer. There were a ton of people that came and gone over the course of a few hours. The rest of the Haints finally showed up towards the end of the night due to Chauncey's fender mount breaking and locking his back wheel up going 90 on the interstate. Pretty shook up for a while. Other than that, everything else was positive and I can't wait for the next party.

The weather was great, so the hot dogs got grilled.

It was pretty relaxing and chill early on.

Sled and the rest of the shovelhead crew showed up and the beers started opening.

Don't buy drill bits from Harbor Freight Tools.

Joe. We have a bike night and he drives his truck. He did show up with a springer and wheel, so I guess that's kind of like showing up with a bike.

Spenser smacked himself in the face with a ball peen hammer trying to fix a bike. I saw it. Thought he broke his teeth at first. Luckily he just fucked up his lip. He caught something from sucking a dick.

Run Ronnie Run.

Taking pictures of pictures being taken.

Joe showed up to a bike nite in a truck and Robbie showed up with his lap top. I guess he just really needed to update his Facebook status.

Getting beered up.

Built for speed.

Chauncey spent the whole night sober and reinforced that fender, especially since he runs a King/Queen seat. He had spectators all night.

Its probably 9 o'clock by now, so we are officially drunk. Gay burnouts.

Reverse male docking burnout.

Scissor chopper riding tests.

So there was a P.A. there with a microphone. It wasn't long before it turned into open mic nite.

Larry has a bunch of things around the shop that can be used to dress up as your favorite Korn character or SlipKnot character if you prefer.

Turtle head.

Rap core son.

Industrial limp bizkit core son.

Rock the mic like a vandal.

Found pastry to eat when drunk.

To top it all off, there were roller skates just laying around.

Another successful party at the shop. Next time we hope to see more of you fuckers joining us in the madness.


  1. Looks like a blast, wish you fuckers werent so fucking far away from Iowa.

  2. Damn.
    Glad I missed it.