Monday, February 8, 2010

V Twin Expo Review.

We just got back from the VTwin Expo in Cincinatti. The weekend was full of madness and fun. The actual event was pretty cool, but the best part was seeing old friends and making new friends. Kyle and Tyler from Lowbrow are always great to spend a weekend with, which usually creates more stories. Everyone from Biltwell fucking rules too. The Brodown was absolutely nuts. Overall it was a blast and I will let the photos explain more.

Cole Foster's newest build.

The craftsmanship is spot on, which the pictures don't do the proper justice.

Some V Twin replica bikes.

Our bro John Dills, aka John The Painter, aka Shit Falcon, got the cover of IronWorks magazine with his badass Panhead. Congrats buddy!

Sons Of Anarchy.

Sons Of Anarchy. Again.

Fuckin' A.

Larry got a spread! Bitch!

Ok enough of the expo. The real fun came from our nights on the town. Jumping bar to bar rolling with a posse of about 50 equals fun.

First stop.

Once again, ALWAYS a good time with these fuckers.

The next spot we went to had a dance floor. Tyler was a little uneasy about dancing with dudes. At first.

Hey! Warren!

Dances with dudes.

Grimey shaved his beard and his chin disappeared as well.

Care to dance?

Teach doesn't stop. 100% all the time.

Kyle made me get on stage. It was a little wierd.

Tyler learned to love dancing with boys.


I peed my pants.

While we were headed in for the night, Duane spots something in the back of a bar.

2 kegs is what he spotted. They came with us.

We woke up the next morning and it was cold and snowing.

I mean it was cold son, like fur coat cold son.

We show up to the Brodown and Magoo is already hammered. I love him.

Ricky brought the moonshine and everyone forgot their lives.

That place was packed. For real there were so many fucking people it was insane.

Magoo. Fucking ruler. He sucks dick.

This band Dandelion Death ruled.

Magoo had some awesome Harley shirts made. Inspect this shirt closely folks. You can't beat it.

Bagel shop. 2 am. Duane. Pants off. Dancing.

The crew outside found it pretty amusing.

Billdozer. Fuck, one of the best dudes ever. Shortly after this picture was taken, he turned into a mad man. The bar scene in Cincinatti is like a weird mixture of people that are either frat boys or from Jersey Shore. Anyways, groups of them were walking down the sidewalk while Drunk Bill and I were hanging out. Everyone that walks by, Bill tells them how cool they are. Followed by pointing at me and saying "My friend here will kick your ass". Thanks Bill! He likes to hug too, which is rad. Then, he decided to walk into oncoming traffic. Sketchy. We love you.


  1. Fucking intense couple of days for sure. Good to see we both posted photos of each others backs.

  2. Good to meet all you guys.....The bro down was off the hook for sure...Resting up now for next years event....

  3. Thanx for the explanation on what the hell a Haint is! Beware Cincinnati and it's big mother fuckers with pool cues.

  4. Man the evenings made this trip killer it was great putting faces with names. Lets do it again without the corporate show lol

  5. Good times, Nick and Co. I still owe you guys a dick suckin'... Haints forever.