Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Joe got a seat.

This has nothing to do with Joe's bike, but its a great photo.


  1. yep thanks to Nick i got a kick ass seat for the trump now all i need to do is get the motor put back together

  2. Sorry, but that bagger is my favorite bike from you guys' fleet, thus far.
    I wanna live under that fairing after I become an old crazy homeless guy.

    See you fags in 2 months.
    Where you guys staying in Daytona?

  3. Larry is probably staying at the Ritz, as for us, whatever flea bag motel or campground is available.

  4. That nigga nick trys to act like he aint paid. his parents own the biggest porn shop in Al. at least he makes money where he works. i believe were stayin at the sandman inn down the skreet from the lot.