Monday, August 24, 2009

Critters on Noble.

This weekend a few of us set out on a quest to photograph a congregation of critters and genuine Wild Hogs. We got some great specimens and also were in constant lookout of turmoil between a couple of 1%er clubs ( that I will not mention at this time) ready to throw down any moment directly in front of our booth. It was a great time.

Take a gander at this here shovelhead. Let me tell you a little about it.

First off, it was given as a gift to Kevin's stepdad from Croc Dundie.

Aftermarketly, he skinned a cow and tried to use it to cover his paint. He also took the shoes off of 7 horses and made his controls and highway bars.

Now this coon mullet even included goggles.

Lex Luger's brother in law showed up.

"Hey bitch, smoke some of this shit"

Fuck. Yes.

I kept saying out loud what I thought was going through the head of the critter in the photo above, and JT couldn't stop laughing.

Don't worry fellas, the pigtails are fake.

Run to the hills.

Run for your life.

"Yall havin a party?"

Douche LaRouche brought his rebel hat.

Ok on a serious note. This dude had a tattoo on his other arm that was a tribal dragon's head and underneath it read "DRAGON MASTER". No shit. I tried so hard to get a picture of it. No dice.

Kevin brought his family.

There were "photo shoots" going down and I think we pissed some people off when we jumped in one.

Beautiful baby........ yes I mean Joe in the the background.

Poor guy.

Tribal fanny packs.

The troopers ended up camping in Mt Cheaha.

We got drunk, made some food, and hugged.


  1. I wish I could've come down to see that shit. What a beautiful assortment.

  2. Its scary man it is getting more and more difficult to differentiate us from the other critters out there

  3. It makes me want to move further into the country.

  4. Aftermarketly? Yeah thats what we do.

  5. My kinda shindig. I'm severely pissed, however, that you were making fun of my shovel. Cocksmokers.