Sunday, April 19, 2009

Quick trip up north, the long way.

Here's some photos from this weekends madness. Met up with Nasty Nick and Brandon the first night in Cheaha Mountain and camped. It just so happened to be a dry county, so after Joe and Spenser's 70 mile trip to find beer, we ended up drinking whiskey out of a rubbing alcohol bottle. The next morning we got up early and went and ate some shitty mountain breakfast buffet until B and Nasty got done with their hippy hiking. We waited long enough and left 5 minutes before they showed up. Beautiful ride north until my bike decides to take a shit and break down with no repair possible on a country ass road with zero cell phone service. Then, a full size pickup pulls and the man and his wife inside offer a hand. The guy, Steve, goes down the road to his house and picks up a trailer and comes back. We load up my bike and I hop in the truck with him and proceed to sip on some cold beers while the pack followed us. Steve was so rad that he let us kick it at his house, use any tool we needed in his garage, and fed us booze until Larry came and picked my bike up in the van. Seriously the nicest couple I have ever met. We will pay him a visit with beer in hand sometime in the future.


  1. Sux about the bike but that is cool as hell about the dude letting you use his tools and his booze!

    All in all sounds like one helluva time.


  2. Yeah man. We hope you are doing better.